The monk look is back!

I keep seeing commercials for the Snuggie and it creeps me out each time:

Come on. Just by a sweater and some sweat pants or something.

By the way, don’t you love the beginning of that commercial where wearing a regular blanket is depicted as completely frustrating and dangerous? That’s the mysterious art of advertising working at its highest level.


  1. Ted

    The best is the entire family wearing them at the soccer game

  2. Chris

    How mortifying would that be?!

  3. Andrea

    Why are you dissing on your Christmas present like this, Chris? I looked long and hard to find you something I thought would help relieve the frustration of using a blanket or the lack of wearing appropriate clothing to an outdoor event. I guess I’ll have to get you the yoga-toes instead…

  4. Ian

    Yeah I was thinking I would’ve killed my mom had she worn that at my soccer games as a kid. I think someone on the AV Club said the snuggie was like being wrapped up in sad. It all seems to neglect that this doesn’t cover your back. Did the snuggie people not realize a superior and less retarded garmet already exists: The robe.

  5. Ian

    My favorite infomercial going on is the one that is a sliding paper cutter. It has a backlight going on underneath so you can line up your cut. The funny part comes in when they show someone trying to cut out like wallet pictures from a sheet and completely butchering it and hacking into the pics. Another good one is the microwave plastic bin for making pasta. They show a woman looking completely exasperated while waiting for a pot of water to boil.

    Paper cutter:
    Pasta cooker:

  6. Chris

    Robes are undone by the fact you have to tie them together… epic fail.