Holiday Blogging 2008

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Over the next week blogging will be light while I take a little vacation. I’m going to leave this post up and update it when I come across interesting news. Feel free to post any news in the comment section you’d like to share.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that jazz!


An Israeli strike in Gaza has claimed more than 200 Palestinian lives. Here’s the solution: The Palestinians should stop the rocket attacks and give Israel a few days to end the blockade of Gaza, so they can start getting food and medical supplies. Actually, that’s what will probably happen soon, but the Israelis wont likely end the blockade.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Could Rick Warren be changing his mind about homosexuality? His church has removed anti-gay statements from its website. How refreshing would it be for someone like Warren to admit that they were wrong?

I can’t believe this “internal review” done by Obama’s team about their relationship to corrupt Gov. Blagojevich is getting any coverage. Of course Obama’s team is going to say Obama is clean in this situation. Not to say he’s done anything wrong, there’s no evidence to the contrary, but let’s stop pretending this internal review means anything.


Even companies that make decent cars aren’t weathering the economic storm too well. Toyota just announced they “expected the first loss in 70 years in its core vehicle-making business.” This is the kind of news that bolsters the case for GM & Chrysler bailout.

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  1. Diane

    We started by Toyota’s almost 10 years ago.
    We had had it with American cars. We really tried to buy American, but at the time both my husband and I were traveling long distances to work and after a year or 2 could not trust them.

    We have NEVER had a Toyota fail us. We bought a Prius when gas prices were starting to get high.
    We are getting between 44-54 MPG.
    Even though gas prices are lower, we still feel good that we are not supporting the oil industry as much.
    We live in an area that has lots of snow. We don’t need large SUV’s and neither do 3/4 of the people who drive them.

    We shop for quality and value. American cars did not fit the bill.

  2. Chris

    I think cars at Ford and GM were starting to claw their way back to high levels of innovation and quality. Cadillacs, for instance, get reliability ratings on par with Lexus.

    However, you can’t easily turn around 30 years of negative perceptions that were well earned.

  3. Denise

    Merry Christmas from Illinois!