Israel continues to pound Gaza

As I mentioned over the break, Israel has been conducting strikes in Gaza. According to the New York Times, those strikes are continuing and have already claimed over 300 Palestinian lives.

In 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon, the Israeli armed forces showed a similar lack of restraint. Yglesias thinks the attacks are meant to improve the domestic political fortunes of the Kadima-Labour coalition by looking ‘tough.’ That would be unfortunate, if true, but not unsurprising given our own sad history of using war as a political cudgel.

Speaking of unsurprising, Bush and the Democratic congress have announced their virtually unconditional support for Israel, placing blame squarely on Hamas and the inhabitants of Gaza.

Bush and the Democrats are right that the rocket attacks on Israel should stop, they are illegal and immoral, but that doesn’t justify the collective punishment that Israel is meting out on the Palestinians. It should also go without saying that Israel should end the blockade of Gaza that has left the Palestinians living there starved and incapable of supporting themselves.

If the Palestinians are going to be forced to live under and inhuman occupation, continuing violence shouldn’t surprise anyone.


For an interesting amateur journalism perspective on the situation check out this page from Global Voices. They’ve got YouTube videos, Twitter posts and photos from the conflict.


  1. JM

    “Israel continues to pound Gaza”

    Sounds like a kinky one…

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