Quote of the week

In a democracy, one could expect that politicians would be afraid to express a view that 70% of the citizens oppose. Yet here we have the exact opposite situation: no mainstream politician would dare express the view that 70% of Americans support; instead, the universal piety is the one that only a small minority accept. Isn’t that fairly compelling evidence of the complete disconnect between our political elites and the people they purportedly represent?

Glenn Greenwald in reference to polls that show 70% of Americans think our government should be even-handed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


  1. Ian

    Money is more powerful than voters. Money can sway voter opinions come election time. Regardless, the only people in this country who seriously consider Israel/Palestine when it comes to choosing between Democrat and Republican are Jews and Arabs in this country.

  2. Chris

    I would say that we are given little to no choice at all when it comes election time. Mainstream candidates are in lockstep concerning the issue of Israel/Palestine.

    Regardless, part of my calculus in choosing Obama was his more even handed rhetoric toward the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Unfortunately he quickly abandoned that evenhandedness and embraced the AIPAC line.