Keep an eye on grocery prices

This might be perfectly obvious to everyone, but I’ll say it anyways. Make sure you check the price of the groceries you’re buying each week. 

I usually compare unit prices between brands to make sure I’m getting the best deal, as long as I’m buying goods that are basically interchangeable (like milk).

The reason I bring this up is because of this post I read at the Consumerist.  Dawn started selling a bottle of soap that contained .7 ounces less soap than their old bottle, but looked virtually identical in shape.

PHOTO: Comparison of Dawn bottles

In this harsh economic environment, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more of this sort of thing. Don’t let unscrupulous businesses folk fool you into paying more for less.


  1. Andrea

    That’s sleezy. But at least I found out what I’m doing February 24th…

  2. Ted

    Yeah I’ve noticed that recently… that things seem smaller (I guess they actually are), but they’re selling for the same price.

    where’s the post about the greatest team in the history of college basketball?

  3. Chris

    Maybe you shouldn’t have told my millions of readers about those free pancakes. There may not be any left for you when you get there.


  4. Ian

    Playing the race card: Sucko-T only gets all the attention he does cause he’s white and tries really hard. The dude makes a lay up and the announcers act like he just reinvented basketball. They gave an absurd amount of love to Reddick to, but this is nuts. He’s reached Brett Favre status as far as announcer love, not so much at the actual contribution to his team level (meaning Hansbrough actually DOES help his team). Think about it though, just imagine if UNC doesn’t win it all this year. What did Hansbrough stay for then? Just more pats on the rear from everyone? The records which will undoubtedly be broken someday by someone else who hangs on to college ball a bit too long? His draft stock can’t go higher. He is what he is and he basically just cost himself a year of NBA money. What if he gets injured and plummits in the draft? If UNC loses, Hansbrough becomes the Marino of college basketball, taking Chris Webber’s spot atop the pantheon of should’ve-beens. I mean, its not even like last years Patriots level of failure cause its not like Brady and his boys didn’t win other Super Bowls. BC showed UNC aren’t a lock for anything. Remember the OMG so awesome Duke team that lost it to UConn? UNC is the favorite but its still a crap shoot.

    Have I twisted the dagger of that loss enough or should I continue? 😀

  5. TH50


    Tyler came back because he obviously loves Carolina and has an unquenchable desire to win it all as a player wearing powder blue. He will be heartbroken if it doesn’t happen (as will millions of alumni and rednecks worldwide) but he will also be a hero to the Carolina faithful from now until the end of time. Webber, does he own any records? Oh, that’s right, he left after two years and still has no rings. I bet his best memories will be of his chances at championships in college.

    Tyler will be some level of rich even if he never plays basketball in the NBA and I’m sure he will have a job at UNC open for him from now until he is in the cold ground. Who cares if he has the money now or next year? He seems like a somewhat “pure” player which is part of the reason for the love he receives from the announcers. Plus he is abused more physically every night than Tina Turner and only really complains when someone breaks his freaking nose!

    Why break the records if they will be broken again? Why climb a mountain if it’s been climbed? Why run a race? Why live life?

    Go Heels!

  6. Ian

    Well at least we are in agreement about the redneck thing 😉