Mental health break: Kudos to Obama & shoe throwers

Obama has been doing some good stuff these last couple of days. He’s ordered Gitmo closed as well as the CIA’s semi-secret “black sites”. He’s overturned an executive order by Bush that would have prevented many of the Bush era documents from being released publicly, it also limits himself and future Presidents from putting those limits back into place. He’s also forced the CIA to conduct interrogations under the guidelines in the Army Field Manual. Pretty good for his first couple of days.

So with that bit of good news out of the way, I’d like present this video of Jeezy and Jay-Z:

For those of you without video or the patience to click the play button, here is a taste of what Jeezy had to say:

“I Wanna Thank The Motherfucker Overseas That Threw Two Shoes At George Bush And Listen, I Want To Thank The Motherfuckers That Helped Them Move They Shit Out The White House.”

h/t Attackerman

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  1. Ian

    I think the shoe throwing thing was great, just because it is an image that will follow Bush throughout history. Right up there was Obama’s blistering condemnation of Bush’s presidency during his his inauguration address. He basically said, “I’ve got the backbone to solve the problems this guy next to me wouldn’t and I’m going to fix a lot of things he broke.”