The Super Bowl commercials sucked

How do world’s gigantic multinational corporations think they are going to get us out of this recession unless they make good commercials, and thus convince us to spend money?

This was probably the best commercial from last night, seriously:

The Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head commercial probably deserves an honorable mention.


  1. Ian

    The game sucked. I mean, it was a great game and all, but I wanted Arizona to win. Commercials suck anyways.

  2. Chris

    Commercials can be entertaining… they just dont seem to be anymore.

    I wanted AZ to win too, but it was definitely a good game otherwise.

  3. Ian

    Yeah. Commercials can bring the funny, but I just wish the humor didn’t exist for the purpose of trying to make me buy something.

  4. I wonder how those commercials actually effect whether people buy anything or not? The beer companies have already made their profits from the game (logical people buy beer BEFORE the game starts) and the the others are equally stupid or useless. The trailers for new movies are really the only reason for sitting through the commercials. Hell, you know the world is in trouble if Cash4Gold can afford a commercial:

  5. Daimao

    I hate it when commercials try to be funny. Can’t they just have an announcer walk out and describe the product or whatever without being obnoxious? Also they play way too much music during commercials. I think silence is much more effective.

  6. Ian

    Yeah Daimao, I’m with you on the music part. I HATE Christmas songs now because every melody from a Christmas song has been used to death in commercials and it becomes impossible to separate the two. The same goes for other music in commercials.