Don't smear your face paint

Sad Duke funs after they lost to UNC on Wednesday

UNC men's basketball defeats Duke 101 to 87

You can get detailed stats and video of the game at ESPN, and check out a great photo gallery at the News & Observer.


  1. Ted

    while I am still a Duke fan, it’s hard to pull for this team sometimes.

    having said that, I hate Duke fans. typified by 1.) the students, who repeat the same stupid chants year after year, each time getting lamer and lamer until it loses all effect 2.) an older bearded man with glasses who works for duke and/or lives in the woods and thinks he’s smarter than everyone else but is socially awkward, 3.) his ugly and/or fat pimply-faced kid.

    having said that, I also hate carolina fans, who are just generally stupid.

  2. Chris

    Don’t forget the elbow throwing players like Singler…

  3. Ian

    I still consider myself a Duke fan, but I certainly have become more apathetic since going away to another college. Duke kids are overly sheltered spoiled brats. UNC fans, unless they went to UNC, are usually rednecks. A lot of them just like UNC cause Duke is private and “rich”, and they neglect that UNC has respectable admission standards as well. The class divide isn’t as big as people want to make it seem.

  4. Ted

    well said Ian.
    I still get the feeling that you’re “cool” to be a UNC fan, and “smarter/better” to be a Duke fan, but I really just want to punch everyone in the face.

  5. Chris

    What should I write about for tomorrow?

  6. Ted

    an essay on why L O S T is the greatest television show in history

  7. Jordan

    For those who care, HBO is airing a special Feb 23 @ 9 pm on the UNC-Duke rivalry. Website here.