Who was Edmund Burke? Plus random fun videos

Edmund Burke

Conservative love and admiration for Ronald Reagan finally became so unhinged that it turned the former president’s name into a punchline. Perhaps they’ve finally recognized this phenomenon and have turned their reverence toward Edmund Burke.

Seriously, this Burke guy is showing up in conservative articles all around the web. Usually he’s mentioned as someone who would disapprove of Barack Obama’s plans for sweeping change. John Cole also recognized the trend:

Burkean bells are going off everywhere! Sully….Ross what’s his nameJoe Klein.

They all talk about him like we’re supposed to know who he is, so I’m guessing this isn’t new. …

… Who was Edmund Burke anyway? I don’t have time to read his wiki entry let alone his books.

Well I have time to read his Wikipedia Entry, and this is what I’ve figured out: Apparently Burke served in the British Parliament as a member of the Whig Party. He is considered the founder of modern conservatism. He sought limits on the power of the King. He opposed restrictions on trade between parts of the Kingdom. He opposed Catholic persecution.  He defended the the victims of British imperial overreach like the Americans who were subject to unfair taxation. Most importantly he didn’t like the French Revolution and instead argued for gradual change from within, which is the part of his legacy that I assume modern conservatives are now referencing.

Now you can be cool at conservative parties, and not glaze over when someone mentions good ol’  Eddy Burke.

And now… here are some fun videos I found this week that I thought I’d share just for the hell of it.

Kobe Bryant geting owned by Chris Paul. I know how much this sucks because it’s happened to me in pickup games:

Check out this ridiculous downhill mountain biking on the French Alps:

And if you’re looking for some good music, try some Seun Kuti:

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Ted

    you are missing the Gerald Henderson dunk

  2. Chris

    Effe Gerald Henderson.

  3. Ian

    Effe Tyler Hansbrough.