Does the milk gravy help?

I have to agree that this may in fact be the worst food product ever:

Pork Brain (with Milk Gravy)

I still can hardly believe this is real. Who eats this? Why? Why! Why!

If this isn’t the worst food product ever, what is?

And please, excuse me while I go throw up.


  1. Ted

    I take it you haven’t seen

  2. Sheepywoman

    Oh, that’s so gross Ted! Although, I think Chris would eat the deep fried White Castle cheeseburgers!

  3. Jordan

    I don’t know, I nearly threw up when Colbert fake-ate that bacon mayonnaise stuff the other week

  4. Jordan

    Or was it Jon Stewart?

  5. Chris

    Jordan: This?

  6. Jordan

    Yes, at the 3 min mark. So disgusting.

  7. Ian

    The Onion AV Club actually did a taste test review of the baconnaise a while ago, here is a link:,2557/

    They have tried some pretty disgusting foods there too. Like pickled pig lips:,23097/

    Cheeseburger in a can:,2183/

    Eel spines:,2288/

  8. Jordan

    I will have to take your word for it as I can’t force myself to click those links