Roundup for Friday 3/6/2009

Andrew Sullivan continues the fight against legal discrimination based on sexual orientation:

… gay adults have fewer rights in their relationships than 13-year old straights. Inmates on death row have more rights – they have an inviolable right to marry even if they will never be able to live with or even have sex with their spouse. The clinically insane have an inalienable right to marry. Larry King has the inalienable right to marry seven times to six different women. Suze Orman? Not so much. And the repercussions extend to social security [PDF] and over a thousand other federal benefits.

And that is entirely a deliberate message sent to gay citizens: you are anathema, and your families are worthless. Your own government will continue to treat you as if you did not exist.


If this is real, isn’t it incredibly awesome?


Former Republican wingnut John Cole wants proof:

And just so we are clear, until shown otherwise, what I remember is the following:

2001, time of mild economic downturn but with a large budget surplus projected as far as the eyes can see, and Democrats stated the tax cuts are bad policy and should not be adopted.

2009, during two wars, a financial disaster, an economic crisis and massive unemployment and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and the Republicans and Limbaugh are rooting for Obama to fail so they can regain some political power.

… What is happening right now is nuts, and there simply is no comparison. Show me the tapes. Show me the transcripts. Show me Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid standing in front of a camera saying “I want President Bush to fail” just like we have seen Mike Pence and the parade of other Republican leaders do in the past few days. Bring it on, and I don’t mean some random jackass on the internet or some crazy tenured prof at a community college somewhere.



While Republicans are bowing down to Rush Limbaugh and obstructing Obama at every step, it appears that their own popularity in the US is below that of Communist China.


The debate over Obama’s proposed tax increase on those making over $250,000 is becoming increasingly surreal. Eric Martin at Obsidian Wings has a great breakdown. He ends it with a quote from the aforementioned John Cole:

The 2010 proposed rate of 39.60% = socialism.
The 2002-2008 rates of 35.00% = capitalist nirvana.
The 39.6% rate of the 1990’s = socialism.


Daniel Larison favors good old prosecutions for Bush Administration crimes rather than Truth Commissions:

Naturally, then, the main objections to the truth commission Sen. Leahy has been trying to organize are that it will be highly politicized and will be nothing more than a witch hunt. Of course, the use of the phrase “witch hunt” today implies a hunt in pursuit of something that does not exist, while we are fairly certain that there were criminals in the outgoing administration who have thus far escaped the appropriate sanctions of the law. The best argument that witnesses testifying against the idea of forming a commission seem to have had is that the abuses of power and crimes in question are not as numerous as they were under Pinochet and apartheid. Nowthat’s a claim to moral authority.

In my view, these criticisms and the problems in the preparation for the truth commission make the case for criminal investigation and prosecution even stronger. The complaints of politicization and persecution are going to be the same, and there are large numbers of people invested in ignoring or justifying these crimes because of their support for the decisions that led to them. There is no way to hold government officials accountable for systematic abuses of power that is not also at some level political in nature. At least if violations of the law are treated as crimes rather than unfortunate incidents to be understood for posterity, there will be some possibility of accountability and some chance that the rule of law will still apply to government officials in these matters. All signs from the new administration, however, are that the past is to be buried and legal remedies for past abuses are to be fought every step of the way.


Duke needs to lose to UNC this weekend in men’s basketball.


  1. Jordan

    And Watchmen comes out today

  2. Chris


  3. Sheepywoman

    Is it in 3D?

  4. Ian

    Pretty sure that video is fake. For one, the camera is way too steady. Two, the spots on the ground seem like they aren’t really there and are put in by a computer. Three, the lighting on the hands seems to not vary enough. My guess is they did the handlebars on a green screen, took a video of a movement through the course, and added the dots on the ground to match up time wise.

    And effe Tyler Hansbrough.

  5. Daimao

    “And that is entirely a deliberate message sent to gay citizens: you are anathema, and your families are worthless. Your own government will continue to treat you as if you did not exist.”

    This is really the key point here, how society views homosexuality. The Larry King and death row inmate stuff is weak and really only serves as a distraction in my opinion. If anathema is the message, then I think people should start listening before making certain demands and taking up certain causes.

  6. this post was amazing, but the dook needing to lose to unc at the end made it epic.

  7. Jordan

    HBO had an interesting documentary-ish thing on the other day:


    Rated TVPG:
    Running Time: 59 minutes
    Genre: Sports
    It is college basketball’s fiercest rivalry: Duke and North Carolina. The heated competition between the nation’s two most accomplished men’s college hoops programs is showcased in this one-hour documentary. No matter their records or rankings, these two teams gear up with one common goal in mind: to beat their cross-town archrivals twice in the regular season. The film traces the history of the rivalry and examines the different cultures and characteristics of each team’s respective program. The high-profile list of interviewees from the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels include Hall of Fame coaches Dean Smith and Mike Krzyzewski and all-time great players Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Charlie Scott, Grant Hill, Johnny Dawkins and Christian Laettner. (TVPG) ()

  8. Ian

    Saw Watchmen. I liked it, and I would recommend it. Its not amazing or anything (“The book was better”), but it was pretty good.

  9. Jordan

    My review

    Also, saw Recount which is something I think folks on this blog would like if they haven’t seen it already