Roundup for Friday 3/27/2009

Apparently, rightwingers are convincing themselves that Obama is too reliant on teleprompters and is thus a terrible communicator (we’ve come a long way since the days of ‘Just Words’). Here is Letterman’s response:


From the guys who brought you the Iraq war (Kristol, Kagan and Senor), comes a new foreign policy think tank titled the Foreign Policy Initiative. Sure they’ve been wrong about everything for at least eight years, but there in lies the ultimate utility. If they are always wrong, you can use their advice to figure out exactly what not to do.


The British government is now conducting criminal investigations to figure out the extent of their government’s cooperation with ours in torturing British nationals. Meanwhile, our government (you know, the one that did the actual torturing) is pretending nothing bad ever happened.


The Republicans have recently reacquired an aversion to government debt (after helping it explode under Reagan and the Bushesesses). Naturally, they felt compelled to release an alternate budget proposal that would reduce the deficit versus Obama’s proposal which would grow the deficit. Just one problem:

Their budget proposal doesn’t say what the debt would be under their “plan.” In fact, it has no solid figures at all, just silly charts.


This morning Obama unveiled his new plan for winning ze war in Pakganistan. More money, more troops, and a more refined mission.

While I’d love to leave Afghanistan as a stable functioning country free of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, I’m not sure it’s possible given our limited means (made even more limited by the recession and Iraq) and limitations of military power in terms of nation building. My plan would be to withdraw and conduct limited strikes aimed at containment.


I agree, it would be nice if Obama and other elites in the media and our government would take reform of our drug laws more seriously. Our marijuana laws, in particular, are much more destructive than the effects of the drug itself. They tear apart families through prison terms and divert/waste government money on an incredible scale.

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  1. Ian

    The Republicans are just… wow. Usually I get mad because I see what they say and I think “Man I know a whole bunch of people out there are going to buy into this because it sounds semi-reasonable.” Now I just think “Man, what are these morons thinking? I sure hope people see through this.”

    As for Afghanistan, I’d like to see us shift out of Iraq and into Afghanistan, with an overall deployed troop reduction with time.

    “Our marijuana laws, in particular, are much more destructive than the effects of the drug itself. They tear apart families through prison terms”

    OK I generally agree with what you’re saying, but I find the tearing families apart bit to be a little ridiculous. No matter how wrong our policy on marijuana is, its still the law. Its not like anyone shoved a joint in these peoples mouths or forced them to deal drugs (don’t give me any crap about how these people are forced by circumstance to deal drugs). The law, unjust or not, is the law. You break the law, you pay the price.