Go local sports team! Go!

All blogging is suspended pending the outcome of tonight’s basketball game involving my local college team (hint: I don’t live in Michigan). Actually, scratch that… I may liveblog the game… mwhahaha!

Rest assured, semi serious blogging shall return. I’m crafting another post about the financial crisis that you can look forward to reading.

On a serious – but yet still bball related – note. UNC fans really need to stop burning random sh*t (then jumping through it) on Franklin Street after significant victories. It’s a moronic Dookie inspired tradition.


  1. Sheepywoman

    Butt Baby?

  2. Chris

    That’s what happens when you have McDonald’s for breakfast… *moan*

  3. Sheepywoman

    I was just confused how you were going to turn your baby-making ambition with Hansbrough into a reality…

  4. Chris

    I think I’ll go the traditional route: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110216/