Unambiguously Gay Duo

MAP: Iowa and Vermont

On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court shot down a ban on same-sex marriages and Tuesday, Vermont became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through legislation rather than the courts.

Four states are now in the equal rights club: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Andrew Sullivan has reactions to the Vermont legislative victory here and reactions to the court decision in Iowa here.

Progress marches on.


  1. Ian

    Prepare for the anti-gay backlash though. There will be attempts to get it banned again in the state constitutions.

  2. Andrew

    God I can feel my heterosexuality being undermined already.

  3. Andrew

    Although admittedly it was pretty tenuous to begin with.

  4. Chris

    Andrew: Ha!

    Ian: In the case Iowa, this was caused by an attempt to get it banned. Perhaps the homophobes are being undermined by their own tactics?