Quote of the week nominee

On torture (seriously, we’re you expecting something else?):

How dare we enforce laws against things which might possibly be permissible in some highly artificial thought experiment?  What if ‘24? is FOR REALS?!?  These are the sorts of questions which need to be shrugged at for 50 billion news cycles before we can even think about OH MY GOD A SHARK ATE A WHITE LADY AT HER WEDDING!!!!! We’ve got what amounts to a reverse Nuremberg defense, where Bush administration officials are let off the hook because they were only giving orders.  I’m not sure that’s such a great idea.


  1. Unfortunately, the general population really does care more about a lady getting eaten by a shark at a wedding, and will discuss that more, than they ever will torture. Our mass media society is trained to think in sound bytes, to accept and repeat the shallow and banal, and not to approach complex questions like the benefits/detriments of torture and our past wrongdoings. Torture = bad; discussing and bleeding the wounds of bad national security policy such as the use of torture = good. The inability for the past three presidents (and I’m counting Obamarama) to say “Hey, I’m sorry, we fucked up” is the type of hubris that keeps folks angry and wounds festering.

  2. Ian

    Hmmmm…Was the shark affiliated with Al Qaeda? Are they training sharks now?! Nuclear sharks!?!?! We should let the coast guard torture Muslim marine biologists.

  3. Chris

    Sharks with Freaking(!) LASERS!

  4. Ian

    I forgot to ask… was the lady hot?