Liveblogging: 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Game Five

PHOTO: Lebron James

Just so you know, I hope the Magic win. 🙂

1st 6:00
Well… can’t say much other than the Cavaliers are demolishing the Magic. The Cavaliers are shooting an incredible percentage from the outside, and playing excellent defense. Mo Williams is living up to his Guaransheed a game late.

End 1st
The pwning of the Magic continues. How do you let yourself get down by 22 in the 1st quarter?!?! At least in the NBA there is always the possibility the other team can come back and the Magic have a history of doing just that. The temptation to play lazy when you have a big lead 
is just too great.

2nd 6:00
The Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is trying to sabotage their comeback (they got within single digits) with an idiotic technical. Sure, the officiating has been awful, but don’t make it harder on your own team.  

End Half
I have to think that the Magic comeback (they are now down 1 instead of 22) will demoralize the Cavaliers not named Lebron James.

3rd 6:00
I’m slack jawed… I still can’t believe this has turned into a competitive game.

End 3rd
I can’t believe Reggie Miller defended Varejao’s constant flopping. It hurts the integrity of the game, and it looks silly. These big strong athletes should be embarrassed to flop around like rag dolls. 

As for the game, the Cavaliers seem to be taking way too many jumpshots. Lebron is trying to get his teammates open shots, but it’s not doing them much good. He’s probably going to go all Kobe in the 4th and try to win the game by himself.

4th 6:00
Why aren’t the Cavs dominating this game? Could it be James’s woeful shooting (8-20) vs. Howard’s (8-10)? 

If the last few games are any indication, expect a lot of chippy fouls and a lot of non-existent calls in Lebron James’s favor over the last six minutes.

End of Game Cavs Win
For Orlando, lots of one on one plays and very little ball movement in the 4th. They looked sloppy and they might have been worn down from their big first half comeback.

The Cavaliers just gave it to Lebron over and over again. And he delivered.

I’m glad the game wasn’t ruined by the officials. There were some crappy calls (Howard probably shouldn’t have fouled out when he did), but nothing as egregious as the previous games. 

Each one of these games has been so close, it’s probably a toss up for Game 6. But I’ll stick with my biases and say that the Magic are going to take care of the series at home. Lebron James (and to a lesser extent, the rest of the Cavs) will be tired 
and emotionally spent after this victory.


Flickr photo by Keith Allison


  1. Ian

    Hahaha so sad. 1 pt lead at halftime. Pathetic.

  2. Ian

    Charles Barkley has been great this playoffs. The past few years I was wondering how long til they canned him, but this year he’s in top form.

  3. Chris

    I’ve really appreciated Barkley’s digs at the refs. They deserve it.

  4. Ian

    If Cleveland loses this game, just wow…

  5. Chris

    If Cleveland loses this game, the picture in my post will have been perfect!

  6. Chris

    That foul at 2:22 is game.

  7. Ian

    Hahaha at mop-top-flops-a-lot flopping and giving the and-1. What a loser.

  8. Ian

    I’m not one for predictions really. I don’t think they will be emotionally worn out. This is the eastern conference championship. These guys can run on adrenaline the whole night. Its all about which team’s scrubs come out and execute.

  9. Jarrod

    Orlando’s going to close this out on Saturday. Then I’m going to start rooting for the Nuggets to come back, so I can laugh when Kenyon Martin and Nene make Dwight Howard cry.

  10. Andrew

    What the fuck, Reggie? First you impugn the defense of the Great and Noble Hedo Turkoglu, and now this.

  11. Jordan M

    Can we get back to talking about torture please?

  12. Ian

    Talking about torture IS torture, amirite? Alright…

  13. Jordan M

    No, we must solve all the world’s problems one by one on this blog. Seeing Dwayne Chewing commercials should be listed as torture. Let’s get on top of that.

  14. Ian

    Its Patrick Chewing, and come on, that guy needs work.

  15. Jordan M

    Sorry, my, bad Patrick Chewing. Why did I say Dwayne? Maybe I was having visions of the Rock chewing up scenery in that horrible Mummy sequel. Poor Rock.

    Chris is really slacking this weekend. I need to see something brilliant tomorrow that includes the aforementioned Patrick Chewing, two Taibbi references and other a Matthew Yglesias smackdown or Andrew Sullivan buttkissing. We’re waiting…

  16. Jordan M

    other = either cause I can’t type 🙁 (or edit my comments)