The license plate wars

The Ohio license plate says “Birthplace of Aviation” because the Wright brothers were from Ohio and developed their airplane designs there.
Ohio License Plate 'Birthplace of Aviation'

The North Carolina plate says “First in Flight” because the Wright brothers’ first powered flight took place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
North Carolina license plate "First in Flight"

Now, I’m not saying that either state has a better claim to all the glory (although, if forced to pick a side, I’d go with Ohio), but this phony rivalry needs to stop. Both states have plenty to be proud of… I think… so why not call attention to some of that stuff on your next license plate design or state quarter?


  1. Chris

    I think tonight I’ll try to liveblog Game 5 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic. So check back here at around 8:45pm EST.

  2. Jarrod

    It’s all because leadership in NC is worried putting a tobacco leaf on any of this stuff would endorse the “evil” practice of smoking.

  3. Chris

    Hey Jarrod,
    Your right about the tobacco leaf I’m sure. That’s why Durham switched their slogan to the “City of Medicine” from something having to do with tobacco (I wish I could remember what it was exactly).

    Either way, isn’t there something else we can be proud of? How about the North Carolina Tar Heels 🙂

  4. Sheepywoman


    Thanks for the heads up about the game tonight 🙂

  5. Ted

    I don’t really see how this is a ‘war’… is anyone fighting about anything? one is the birthplace, one was first in flight. it makes sense.

  6. Chris

    I’m performing the task of the mainstream media, manufacturing conflict where the was none previously.

  7. Jordan M

    Screw Ohio. Not as bad as Indiana but still…They can have the small slogan on their license plates – when they move down to NC they’ll have to switch them anyway.

    Sorry, trying to help Chris stir conflict and get more hits.

  8. Ian

    I say if Cleveland loses to the Magic, we give it to NC. Lebron needs more pressure to try and save this series and get to the finals 1 versus 5. If they lose in the Eastern Championship this year, and he doesn’t win the Finals next year cause his teammates don’t show up, can we safely predict Lebron in a Knicks uniform in 2010? How much patience can this guy have? He is making the leap, and its being wasted. The guy could be the “best ever” if his teammates could play their roles.

    And Durham is and always was the Bull City, which has to do with tobacco.

    And screw UNC.

  9. Chris

    Why would Lebron go from a decent but still sub-par team to a total train-wreck in NYC? The NJ Nets were more recent contenders…

  10. Ian

    The Knicks are just a bunch of expiring contracts right now. As bad as they are and have been, they have made the moves necessary to free up enough cap space by 2010 in hopes of landing Lebron or Wade or Bosh. They also have Mike D’Antoni now at coach, which personally I would think is more enticing than the guy at Cleveland. If Lebron is going to play phenomenally while his teammates don’t live up to their roles, he could at least do it in NYC which has the media market made for him.

    I don’t think Lebron will go anywhere, honestly. He seems to love Ohio too much and it seems to mean something to him to win a title for Cleveland. He held his MVP ceremony at his high school. Its fun to speculate though.