Roundup for Monday 6/22/2009

How Goldman Sachs played a key role in destroying the economy, and still managed to come out ahead at the end:

“Imagine a meat company that bred ten billion rats, fattened them on trash and sewage, ground their bodies into chuck, and then sold it all as grade-A ground beef to McDonald’s and Burger King, right under the noses of the USDA: this is exactly the same thing, only with debt instead of food. We’re eating it, they’re counting the money.” – Matt Taibbi (go read the entire article)


In Iran, the government is starting to violently crackdown on the protests over the recent election. Reuters is putting the death toll at somewhere between 10 and 13, with more than a hundred injured.

I was emotionally struck by this video of a confrontation between protesters and Iranian authorities I saw on Sullivan’s blog over the weekend:

The latest news is that Iranian election monitors have admitted to massive voting irregularities, but the government insists it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guard has threatened a “revolutionary confrontation”with protesters threatening the regime.

If more blood is spilled, let’s hope it’s not just to replace one set of dictators for another. The Iranian people deserve better.


Our lead commenter Ian got married this weekend. All the best to him and his new wife!

Just so you know, this is how Ian proposed


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