I still love you

I’m on vacation until Thursday, so I won’t be writing any of my famous blog posts. But since I still love you – and I’m addicted to the news – I will be updating the new Why We Worry Twitter feed:

Have fun in the comments. Write about whatever you want.

P.S. someone should really buy me this Twitter shirt. I’m a size medium.


  1. Jordan

    I didn’t know you were allowed a vacation. Clint, lets start a revolucíon while he’s away, banana republic-style.

  2. Denise

    Whatever, buy your own clothes!

  3. Clint


    I’m down. I already re-painted Granma and grew a beard in preparation.

  4. Jordan

    I also retain the beard pictured here (www.nerdlord.com) and have an E. German sailor’s hat to wear on Granma. How do we get the boat to Durham though? Maybe we should just block his arrival home like they did the Honduras dude. Put a boat in the road on on the tarmac.