– A couple of weeks ago I wrote about keywords for the site. Since then, one of the more amusing phrases, “Got caught with weed and a scale how do I beat it?”, has led to 37 more hits to the Web site.

– There’s an interesting post at the Confluence Blog claiming that Hillary Clinton is a feminist. The Clintonites swarmed over me when I said that Clinton – a woman with extraordinary sway within the current system of capital and empire – serves the needs of the establishment first, not the needs of women.

– Back in July, I wrote about the U.S. connections to the Honduran coup, particularly about how the State Department wouldn’t classify the event as a “coup” – a classification that would automatically freeze all U.S. aid to Honduras.

It’s now a month later.The U.S. still hasn’t called it a coup, and the elected president is still deposed. Time is quickly running out, as only 109 days remain until the Honduran election. Meanwhile, protests continue in the face of government repression. The Media, naturally, has fallen silent on the issue. (Thanks to Two Weeks Notice for excellent updates on the situation there.

“Is Obama Punking Us?”: Excellent commentary (especially for a mainstream paper) on the increasing disillusionment with Obama. Excerpt:

“What disturbs Americans of all ideological persuasions is the fear that almost everything, not just government, is fixed or manipulated by some powerful hidden hand.”


  1. Ted

    maybe David Icke has been right all along…

  2. Andrew

    I did not know that “feminist” now means “one who agrees with Clint about Noam Chomsky.”

  3. Ian

    Where does one sign up for the church of Clintonism? Or do you get a license or something to become a “Clintonite”? And where did said swarming occur?

  4. Clint


    “I did not know that “feminist” now means “one who agrees with Clint about Noam Chomsky.”

    I don’t see why not. I’m sure I explained this principle earlier on.