Town Hall Idiots

I love the town hall protests. They feature the perfect balance of stupidity and authenticity – the same balance that allows Reality TV to induce both laughs and cringes.

I use the word “authenticity” only to indicate that real humans are protesting by choice and without the help of CG. I have to make this qualification because it’s been dutifully pointed out that the “grassroots” opposition to health care reform has been funded and organized by major corporate interests (and Republican interests, though the two are hardly distinguishable).

In light of this tactic, I propose the counter-tactic of ridiculing and exposing these nutcases. Sane Americans need to see how absurd (and potentially dangerous) these town hall protests are becoming.

– Here’s a guy who showed up to an Obama town hall with a loaded gun strapped to his leg. Watch Hardball’s Chris Matthews tear into him.

– Here’s a Democratic Congressman being hanged in effigy.

– Here’s Rush Limbaugh likening Obama to Hitler.

– Here’s a Missouri Republican Congressman laughing about lynching as he attacks health care reform.

– “You should be afraid of Obama because we are all afraid of Obama,” says one of the protesters as the crowd heckles their representative.  He’s a socialist!!!

– Here’s Sarah Palin’s quote claiming that Obama’s health care reform will include Death Panels that decide if people should receive treatment.

– Here’s a memo that instructs protesters on successful ways to disrupt their representative’s town halls.

Booing and Bible-thumping.

– Crowd chants that lovable War on Drugs slogan (“Just Say No!“) as they chase away Congressman Doggett.

– Constant interruptions and stupidity at this Town Hall. At 4:05-4:15, protesters get upset when the representative says he thinks global warming is real.