10 reasons to support health care reform

The national “debate” on health care has unfortunately focused on outright falsehoods (death panels) and the public plan alternative to private insurance companies. But there is a lot more to reform that will help Americans when they have to go to the doctor or buy drugs.

Here is a list from FamiliesUSA of some ways health reform (as it’s currently being discussed) will help:

  1. A major expansion of Medicaid coverage—fully federally funded—for millions of low-income working families who currently fall through the cracks
  2. A regulated marketplace that clamps down on insurance company abuses so people can no longer be denied coverage
  3. Requirements that insurance companies spend more of the premium dollars they collect on patient care
  4. Sliding-scale subsidies so middle-class, working families can afford the coverage they need to keep their families healthy
  5. A strong public plan option that will provide choice, stability, and an honest yardstick to keep costs down
  6. Limits on out-of-pocket spending, giving Americans real health security and peace of mind
  7. Much-needed relief for small businesses so they can afford to offer coverage to their employees
  8. Improvements to Medicare that will help seniors and people with disabilities afford their drugs and their cost-sharing
  9. Better access to coverage for uninsured children so they can get the care they need
  10. Long overdue steps to modernize the system, improve the quality of care provided, and curb unnecessary spending so our American health care system delivers the best possible care

You can read more details about each reason in FamiliesUSA’s PDF. FamiliesUSA is a non-profit progressive lobbying group.

(@ Ezra Klein)

One Comment

  1. Ian

    Reason #1:

    Less people dying earlier than they should.

    Reason #2:

    Overall cheaper in the long term than not having public health care.

    Its win/win. Don’t need anything else.