Baucus delayed health reform for nothing

Obama originally wanted to usher in health care reform quickly to take advantage of his relatively high poll numbers and leave less time for the opposition to scare the public. The plan was to have both chambers of Congress present bills before August.

That didn’t happen because Democratic Senator Max Baucus of Montana wanted to craft a bill with Republican support. Baucus forced us all to wait through August and the first half of September so he could negotiate with his Republican colleagues.

During August we were treated the spectacle of Republicans making up lie after lie about health care reform. They claimed it would be the first step on the way to Nazism and/or Stalinism. They claimed it would force you to euthanize your grandparents. And of course they ginned up racial fears about how your money would go to those evil illegal immigrants. As a result, the popularity of health care reform and the President has fallen.

Today Baucus finally released his health care proposal (pdf) and it has ZERO Republican support.

So Mr. Baucus, thanks for making us wait for nothing, and making good health care reform less likely in the process.