Can we get some closure?

I was in a nice groove covering nothing but health care issues day after day. But Summer break is over and apparently Obama wants to move on all the major issues he forgot to deal with in his first few months as President.

So now – in addition to health care, the economy and Iraq – we’re going to be fixing global warming, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine and the screwed up governorship of New York.

I’m not complaining, like other pundits, that Obama is biting off more than he can chew. I’m sure he has enough advisors and underlings to move on all this stuff at once.

No, I’m complaining that we never actually seem to solve the problems we set out to fix. Health care still sucks after decades of complaints. Afghanistan is more of a mess than ever. Israel and the Palestinians seem to be moving further and further apart. And I have little hope that we’ll actually solve any of these problems even with reasonable people in charge of the government.

What gives? Is our nation simply incapable of responding to national problems?

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  1. Ian

    Come on man, do you even read the news? Flavored cigarettes were banned today! Problem solved!