We will have government run health insurance

Sure, it doesn’t seem possible right now. Each day we’re treated to news that health care reform has been watered down again and the public insurance option – a limited government counterweight to the private insurance “market” – seems like a distant liberal dream.

But we will have government run health insurance. Just the worse possible form of it.

The Democrats’ reform strategy is to get everyone health insurance while keeping rich private insurance companies happy  (wouldn’t want to jeopardize those campaign contributions). So, under the current Democratic plans, lower-income Americans will be guaranteed a chance to buy health insurance, regardless of medical history, with the help of our tax dollars. But instead of that money going to government agency or heavily regulated non-profits (like in Switzerland) concerned primarily with providing health care, it will go to private health insurance companies that are trying to maximize profits and CEO salaries.

Since there are no real cost controls built into the current plans, the government will end up spending more and more money to keep low-income Americans insured (making insurance execs richer in the process). However, that situation can’t last. Health insurance companies wont let the government threaten their cash flow and Americans now accustomed to universal health insurance won’t want to go back to the “free” market.

The next logical step will be for the government to start regulating the insurance companies more and more to contain costs. Eventually the government will basically control the insurance companies via regulations, but don’t bet on the CEOs getting booted out. Their bribes campaign contributions will secure their positions long into the future.


  1. Ian

    There will be no public healthcare, there will be no banking industry reform, there will be no immigration reform, there will be no social security reform. Haven’t you been paying attention the last 20+ years?

  2. Chris

    Only the last 7 or so 🙂