Republicans side with defense contractors over raped women

Read more at the Huffington Post, including Jon Stewart’s take on the controversy.

Looks like a Democrat might get in the game of protecting rapists at defense contractors:

An amendment that would prevent the government from working with contractors who denied victims of assault the right to bring their case to court is in danger of being watered down or stripped entirely from a larger defense appropriations bill.

Multiple sources have told the Huffington Post that Sen. Dan Inouye, a longtime Democrat from Hawaii, is considering removing or altering the provision, which was offered by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and passed by the Senate several weeks ago.

Inouye’s office, sources say, has been lobbied by defense contractors adamant that the language of the Franken amendment would leave them overly exposed to lawsuits and at constant risk of having contracts dry up.


  1. You guys beat me to it…I am working on a post about this story….but beyond that…I am not too surprised at the outcome…I mean these are the same people that do not want KBR (I believe) held responsible for the electrocution deaths of American soldiers… talks and in our government….a lot louder than the people….

  2. Chris

    It’s just astounding these folks are so brazenly pro-business. There just isn’t a way to sugarcoat this particularly story with odes to free markets and the sanctity of contracts.