Congressional crusade against ACORN is unconstitutional

(For more info about the ACORN sh*t storm check out my post from last month.)

For real, this is how they dressed

For real, this is how they dressed

After ACORN employees were caught on video giving advice on how to break the law to a couple of pranksters dressed as a pimp and prostitute, Congress quickly moved to cut ACORN’s funding. This effort was led by hyperventilating Republicans and followed by spineless Democrats.

But it turns out Congress likely violated the Constitutional ban on Bills of Attainder. Simply put, Congress isn’t supposed to punish individuals or organizations for alleged wrongdoing. It’s the job of the courts to determine guilt after weighing the evidence.

Read Glenn Greenwald’s detailed explanation of the legal issues.

The best part of this controversy, other than Republican hypocrisy when it comes to the wrongdoing of government contractors, is this hilarious video of Rep. Grayson humiliating GOP Rep. Paul Broun:

If only Congress were this fun to watch all the time…


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    “Will the gentleman yield?”

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    Oooooh the Federalist Papers! Screw all these guys.