Al Franken on health care bankruptcies

Yesterday, I wished that Congress was fun to watch all the time. That probably won’t ever happen, but at least Rep. Alan Grayson and now Sen. Al Franken are keeping it interesting when they get to talk:


  1. Al Franken just mopped the H.C. floor with that stupid puppet. If you liked this you have to see Rep. Alan Grayson get on a (R) Rep. from Iowa I beleive. Lemme fnd it…….

    This is sooooo niiiiice. SCHOOLS HIM!

  2. korkie moore-bruno

    You go Al!!

  3. Hey, I LOVE this! I got 50k hits on my blog from reddit this week by posting this vid… I will upvote you and wish you luck.

  4. Benj

    Go Al! Way to put her in her place.