Sanity Saturday: The Real King of Late Night

It’s Craig Ferguson.

Really, that’s all I have to say.

Oh, why?

Well, there are many reasons.

For one, he doesn’t go with the standard late night show format. There are two openings, the first usually involving puppets, the second with his patented catchphrase “It’s A Great Day For America” followed by whatever pops into his head. It’s not scripted, it’s not boring and it’s damn funny. Far funnier than Conan’s predictable patter or Jimmy Fallon (his rival at the same time slot). I won’t even go into the Olds, Leno and Letterman, who I’ve never found funny.

Craig Ferguson does throw in a few sketches, typically off the wall and starring some of his guests. Lately, he has had guests read pages from his new book and somehow even having people read brings out the laughter. Check out this one with his friend Gerard Butler:

Why would his guests do this? Probably because they seem more relaxed and themselves than on any other late night talk show. Most there do have a product to do PR for but hardly ever talk about as Craig’s conversations with them are informal and tend to veer off in strange directions.

Another point in the show’s favor (at least in my book): He has fiction authors on. No other network late night show has writers in general on, the Daily Show or Colbert Report only have nonfiction, yet Craig reels in a pretty large amount of writers (such as Salman Rushdie) to come on his program and discuss their books. That is a great thing for America.

I’m sure I’ve rambled about the show before in comments or elsewhere but between the puppets, the sometimes out-of-control cold opens, and the set falling apart, there is always something worth watching on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. It’s a great way to end your day with a bit of genuine laughter based on wit and a taste for the strange versus the canned jokes and barely there sketches and stunts of other shows.