U.S. to Iran: Do as I say, not as I do

Am I the only one that thinks there is a lot of cognitive dissonance in this statement from Obama?

“Iran has an opportunity to present and demonstrate its peaceful intentions but if it fails to take this opportunity, there will be consequences.”

In other words: Be peaceful or we’ll bomb you!


Starting a war should be the absolute last resort in international conflicts. By allowing it under the premise that an adversary might become a threat in the future lowers the threshold for just war to meaninglessness. At this point Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon, it doesn’t have the capability to attack us, and it hasn’t even stated its intention to do so. (On the other hand, we’ve threatened them on countless occasions and have the means to attack them today if desired.)

A U.S. attack on Iran’s nascent nuclear program would fall under the definition of preventative war (“a war initiated under the belief that future conflict is inevitable, though not imminent”) rather than preemptive war (“war waged in an attempt to repel or defeat a perceived inevitable offensive or invasion”). By waging a preventative war on Iran, like we did with Iraq, we would be the aggressor and the violators of international law.