Guantanamo not closing on time

Soon after taking office as President, Obama promised to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by January 2010.

Well, now that’s not going to happen, at least on time. But I suppose it doesn’t matter much since we’re not going to stop mistreating prisoners if we close Guantanamo. As I noted before, we’ll just be mistreating prisoners in Bagram, Afghanistan instead.


P.S. To those scaredy cats complaining about how we shouldn’t put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in New York because it’s too dangerous, I have a few questions when you’re done pi**ing your pants:

  1. Why do you not trust/hate American courts and judges?
  2. Why do you not trust/hate the New York City police and the U.S. Army?
  3. Why have you let your fearmongering get so predictable?


  1. Jordan

    It makes one think that maybe there’s a reason for not bringing them to our prisons here such as they could be very possibly be set free because there is nothing on which they can be tried.

  2. I think that the concern is a bit early……by the time the Congress acts and the pre-trial crap goes on….it may be 5 years before anyone is put on trial

  3. Ian

    There is no way these guys get a fair trial anyways. KSM is without a doubt going to be found guilty. I don’t understand what the concern is. Spontaneous combustion in the court room perhaps?