Stuff I didn’t know

The main vampire dude in the Twilight series is supposed to be over 100 years old! I have to echo Yglesias on this one: if he’s 100+, why is he hanging out with high school chicks?


I realize until this week that it was the media’s job to boost Sarah Palin’s book sales. ABC News actually has a Sarah Palin section on their web site front page. WTF?

Sarah Palin section on ABC News


Some gift cards have inactivity fees. Really. Like Kevin Drum says in the link, it makes sense that gift cards would expire after a few years, but inactivity fees are inexcusable nonsense.


People want unnecessary mammograms. This is why cutting unnecessary costs in our medical system will be a tough slog. On the one hand you’ve got insurance companies adding billions in administrative costs, and on the other you’ve got doctors and patients who think overtreatment is the best kind of medical care.


LeBron James is human after all.

(P.S. What kind of name is LeBron? It’s cool, but weird…)


  1. lauren

    you also don’t know how good the twilight: new moon soundtrack is because you are not OPENING YOUR MIND.

  2. Jordan

    Sarah Palin is a celebrity now, not a politician. It’s weird the media-induced hysteria over her and the book. I don’t recall any other political candidate getting such attention. Esp one that a few months back quit her job because she was getting too much attention.

    Good question about the Twilight vampire but unanswerable on my part as I’m not a 13 yr-old girl.

  3. Ian

    Twilight is way, way more screwed up than that Chris. Check out this article for one:,35480/

    If you scroll down to the comments section, people reveal some spoilers about all of the novels. It gets completely batshit insane by the 4th novel apparently. I would be pretty concerned about my children reading these books without some sort of guidance. The story has views on sex that are all kinds of messed up.

  4. Jordan

    I actually just read that before hopping over here.

    The story has views on sex that are all kinds of messed up.

    Well…the author is Mormon. Nice folks but some odd ideas (same applies for all religions actually).

    With vampire stories and sex you my general assumption is that it’s all allegorical going back to the Victorian era about desire, sexuality, and virginity. To have a story about a person that lusts for another but must show self-restraint…well, that’s abstinence in a nutshell, right Bristol?

  5. Ian

    I’m not so sure how much you can attribute to Mormonism, but the authors views on sex are obviously conservative. The main male character’s vampirism is just a metaphor for his sexual desires. He longs to devour the girl, but must control himself. That isn’t what I was really referring to as messed up though. It is pretty messed up that the male lead is supposed to be over 100 years old and still a virgin.

    SPOILERS (although probably inaccurate since I have only read accounts of it) AHEAD!

    In the fourth book the girl gets pregnant (but they were married at this point so its ok), and her half vampire/half human child is super strong. Fearing that the baby will kill her, the male lead asks the girl to get an abortion, but she refuses (Go figure.). The baby proceeds to break the girl’s ribs and spine from inside of her. Since its a vampire baby, it has tainted her uterus or something and made it super strong. Apparently the only thing strong enough to pierce it is vampire jaws, so the male lead bites into her abdomen to essentially give her a C-section. With his mouth. Then, to keep her from dying, he turns her into a vampire, she heals, and all is well. This isn’t written as horror, its written as romance.

    So in summation: No sex outside the boundaries of marriage. Sex results in pregnancy, which is a horribly painful thing that will kill you. Babies are demon spawn that take your life away!

    Something about that just seems messed up for literature aimed at 11-13 year old girls. I would hope that parents who let their kids read this stuff understand what is in it and make sure to talk to their children about it.

  6. Sheepy

    1. Edward is still in high school because he was turned into a vampire when he was a teen. This was a major element in Interview with a Vampire b/c Kirstin Dunsts’ character was forever 6 years old (duh!).

    2. Why is there no Twilight backlash as was seen with the Harry Potter books? Remember when people were saying the HP books were sorcery and demonic? And bitting babies is meant for preteens? I’m wondering how they’re going to proceed with the next movies as they get lammer and lammer.

    3. You need to check this out:

    4. Chris needs to see New Moon with me tomorrow to fully educate himself 🙂

  7. Chris

    Excellent AV Club link. Also check out that MST3K-esque video they keep mentioning.

    I think there isn’t a big backlash because this targets older kids, and the tightwads already lost the battle against Harry Potter and everything else they ever tried to fight.

    And I refuse to see New Moon after seeing clips of the first one.

  8. Denise

    Really, Sheepy? How did Chris not know that about Edward??

    Just read this today –

    Makes being an idol fan not seem so bad

  9. lauren

    we have to read escapist sub/dom repressed vampire fiction to mentally floss ourselves from palin and the right-wing-nut agenda