Back off Tiger Woods

Apparently Tiger Woods is having some personal drama. And since he’s mega-famous, the entire country is watching him like a hawk and digging for all the juicy details.

Now, I’m no big fan of Tiger Woods or golf, but why is this anyone’s business? If the dude has marital problems, why not let him and the woman (or women) involved deal with it? If you or I were in the same situation, we would appreciate some privacy to help maintain some semblance of dignity.


  1. Jordan

    We’ve all turned into small town gossips. It’s human nature. It’s just a version of “tall poppy syndrome”.

  2. Ian

    I heard a guy on the radio “advising” Tiger Woods to come out and do an interview on a major news station. The guy said it would be in Tiger’s best interest. Why? To me it almost sounds like he’s threatening Tiger that if he doesn’t play ball with the media, they will make it hell for him. LEAVE TIGER ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

  3. Ted

    well, I guess part of the reason is that he’s a multi-hundred millionaire, close to billionaire, with a majority of this money coming from advertising and endoresement deals that rely solely on his image in the public domain. I think it’s fair that people have a right to get a truer picture of the guy rather than a (metaphorically) photoshopped one. joe schmo from new mexico might have marital problems too, but I don’t see his face everywhere on products asking me to shell out my hard-earned cash.

  4. Ted

    I mean this is an insane amount of money. you must sacrifice a little bit of privacy in order to make that much if, as I said, the product is you, the person, yourself, that you’re selling.

  5. Ian


    I don’t think that is the issue here though. Certainly “Tiger cheats on his wife” is newsworthy (if you care about him I guess), but front-page-top-headline-for-weeks newsworthy? Probably not. This, to me, is really just a case of massive rubber-necking by the media. The guy had a car accident, the situation seems bizarre, and now there are a whole bunch of women coming out saying they had sex with Tiger (some of whom I bet are dubious). I’ve seen on Google news a story saying Tiger didn’t wear a condom and another questioning why Tiger likes white women. That is crossing a line of worthwhile reporting and just blasting into “too much information” territory.

    Also, Gatorade has pulled their “Tiger” line of drinks. That is a little absurd to me. Once all this stuff cools down, endorsements will begin flowing back to Tiger, just like it did with Kobe. To me, the companies pulling endorsements really seem to care only about their bottom line. People buying Gatorade ultimately don’t care who Tiger sleeps with. They would buy it cause Tiger is quite possibly the best golfer ever.

  6. Ted

    Ian 2 points:

    1) yeah I agree with you the extent of it is absurd, I was more referencing why it was a “story” for at least a day or two to begin with
    2) according to Gatorade, stopping the drink line has nothing to do with recent events…. 🙂