War on Christmas continues

Forget Afghanistan. Don’t any of you remember the War on Christmas?

Via Balloon Juice, it appears there is a website that lets users rate stores on their friendliness to an overtly religious version of Christmas. In the mind of these Christianists, a store does not deserve your patronage if they wish you “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas.” Can’t have people from all religions feel comfortable shopping in December. Nope. Just Christians.

According to the site, the most Christmas friendly store is Bass Pro Shops (ha!), and the most unfriendly is the GAP. Check out some of these reviews of the GAP:

I just watched the commercial for GAP, I was truly repulsed when they mentioned that we should liberate and how they put Christmas next to solstice. Pretty much what they said was we need to break free and do what we feel is right which goes against everything for this Christmas season. Please go to youtube and watch the commercial if you haven’t already seen it. I will NEVER step foot into one of their stores or any store affiliated with them. They have completely lost my business and my families too.


First thing I notice is that they are only playing non-Christian Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, etc.). Unacceptable. I ask a clerk, “What is the reason for the season?” and I get back “What?”. I buy a shirt and when they ask me what kind of wrapping paper, I reply that I want nativity paper or something showing the baby Jesus. They say they only have snowflakes and snowmen and green/red paper. What does green and red have to do with JESUS?


GAP, I find your latest TV commercial offensive. Comparing Christmas and Hanukkah with winter solstice, the made up sixties holiday Kwanzaa, and eighty-sixing it (ignoring, do-nothing) shows your contempt for the real holiday. The federally recognized holiday celebrates CHRISTMAS (THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST) and no other holiday. A VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE BUY GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS to remember and show love for their friends and family as the wise men honored the Christ child that first Christmas. I will not step in a GAP (or GAP affiliated) store because of your contempt.

All I really have to say in response is this: Jesus wasn’t even born in December!

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  1. Ian

    No honey, Santa didn’t bring you that fleece from the Gap you wanted. He did bring you a camouflage hunting jacket from Bass Pro Shops, though!