Funny Fridays: Shamwow vs GaGa

Because it’s Friday and you need some entertainment. I’ve only seen this commercial aired once but it is decidedly more amusing than the Lady GaGa’s newest strangefest. It’s a bit peppier and anything that includes the Carlton Dance and clips from House Party is a winner.

GaGa can be a laughfest though.

My favorite points in the GaGa one:
1) the very beginning after she turns off the radio and is suddenly take aback by her voice
2) How she integrates basically every type of dance possible into the video yet can’t really dance herself. I specifically liked the initial combo of the ‘alligator chomp’/Thriller/beetle-on-its-back dance, which I will be using at the clubs come New Year’s.
3) The Man with the Golden Chin
4) “Cause I’m a free bitch, baby!”
5) The Polar Bear Train on the ‘dress’ at the end. No wonder they’re going extinct.


  1. Ian

    Watched the Lady Gaga one without sound. I have a few thoughts:

    1. I’m really happy I am not in the 13 year old range where I would find MTV and the music on it worthwhile. I know I didn’t actually hear the music, but what a ridiculous video. I don’t find her attractive. She looks trashy and whats with the shot of her spine!?! I can’t say that my 13 year old self would be discriminating though.

    2. She is clearly going for some sort of modernized, hyper-sexualized Bauhaus style performance. The Bauhaus was odd, but they had some purpose in mind. This woman seems to only be trying to imitate. Whats up with the white-vinyl covered thing which looks like a rip off of that bad guy from Lord of the Rings?

    3. The AV Club’s Hater went after this video as well:,35217/

  2. Jordan

    What’s odd to me is that the music is a throwback to the sort of shitty electronic dance music you would hear in the early 90s. The whole song styles stretch from that era, from the synths to the vocals. I doubt Ms GaGa really takes all this that seriously and is happy to be cashing in just like Madonna did way back when. You have to push the image to insane levels and have catchy enough hooks to make it all explode into big money and attention. Her success really isn’t that much of a mystery – Miley Cyrus and the whole Disney crew phenomenon is.

  3. Ian

    I can understand the Miley Cyrus thing actually. I think its something parents can generally approve of, and its close enough that the little girls feel like they are listening to real pop music. I see it more as music with “training-wheels”, if that makes any sense. Lyrically and melodically, that music is in no way challenging to the listener. Kids can learn, intuitively, the basics of music. Its definitely something you grow out of (or should, I would hope).

  4. Jordan

    music with “training-wheels”

    That’s probably a pretty accurate depiction. I did think the South Park take on the Jonas Bros was true and funny.