The depressed Dems

Sen. Joe Lieberman

Sen. Joe Lieberman

At the risk of repeating myself every few weeks, it seems like the Public Option is dead (and any sort of compromise) thanks to Senator Lieberman and his desire to piss off his former liberal allies at the cost of American lives.

The death of Public Option comes hot on the heels of a poll which says “one third of Democratic voters say that they’re ‘less likely’ to vote in 2010 if Congress doesn’t pass a public option.”

Matt Yglesias thinks this is silly:

Grow up. Nobody ever accomplished anything in politics by not participating. … you shouldn’t just get depressed and stay home, you should probably write a note and send it in the mail explaining exactly why you won’t be donating this time and laying out which other, more progressive member you’re choosing to support instead. And on Election Day you should go vote for the better candidate and hope he or she wins. Successful from-the-left primary challenges can do good, but letting the worse candidate win a general election isn’t going to make anything better.

But isn’t this is a little bit like blaming the victim? Democrats have a majority in the House, they have 60 seats in the Senate, they control the White House. If they can’t deliver on promises to the voters, shouldn’t those voters feel spurned? In turn, shouldn’t Democrats fear for their seats and perhaps do something?

Electing more Democrats may still be a worthy goal – the Republican party is still completely nutso – but it forcing current Democrats to actually vote and act somewhat liberal seems just as worthy and far more possible.


  1. I would say that the cash of the insurance industry has been well spent……if it goes thru the bill would give them 30 million new clients with little to no choice….not bad…..

  2. Chris

    I’m starting to totally question whether or not the bill should be passed at all. Good job Dems!