Evidence of a country off the cliff

In a sane country so-called “adults” would be embarrassed to write a publish poo like this:

Our professorial president is no feckless W., biking through Katrina. He is no doubt on top of the crisis in terms of studying it top to bottom. But his inner certainty creates an outer disconnect.

[Obama is] so sure of himself and his actions that he fails to see that he misses the moment to be president — to be the strong father who protects the home from invaders, who reassures and instructs the public at traumatic moments.

He’s more like the aloof father who’s turned the Situation Room into a Seminar Room.

That’s from Maureen Dowd, opinion columnist at the illustrious New York Times, the paper of the record in the United States. For Dowd, it’s apparently not enough for Obama to respond to a crisis with calm word and well-reasoned actions. The President needs to be our big protective daddy letting us know everything will be okay and that he’s gonna get the bad men. What the ____? Clearly this op-ed says more about Dowd’s child-like psyche than it does about the President.

Aside from Dowd’s daddy longing, the NY Times also asked the Most Important Question of All: How can Obama not be such a wimp? For writer Helene Cooper it’s not enough that Obama – and this is Cooper’s own words – “just ramped up the war in Afghanistan, sending an additional 30,000 American troops. He has stepped up drone strikes by unmanned Predators in Pakistan and provided intelligence and firepower for two airstrikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen that killed more than 60 militants.”

Cooper concludes that Obama must do more to visibly demonstrate his warrior credentials like blowing up Al Qaeda leaders and “talking tough more often.” This will apparently silence his right-wing critics.

Yeah right.

Obama has already done more than what should be necessary to prove his toughness by Republican standards, since he’s willing to send American kids to die. Of course, like Bush before him Obama is not really proving he’s a warrior when he commits more troops to war. That would require… ummm… going into battle with his soldiers, like Patton or George Washington. Courage requires danger, and Obama is not in any.

So, how about we stop judging our elected politicians on whether or not they seem like good daddys and tough guys? For ____ sake, let’s judge them on their results.


  1. Would you expect anything less from Dowd?

  2. Ian

    Why do editorials even exist anymore? Its easier to find more insightful writing on blogs these days, not to mention on blogs you can tell the writer directly to pull their head out of their ass if need be.