Roundup for Thursday 1/14/10

Help the poor people in Haiti by txting $$$ to the Red Cross.

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The Conan/Leno debacle has given us a great week of late night jokes.

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Carolina basketball, if you’re going to lose, please look like you care.

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Is it any surprise that Pat Roberston is still a d-bag? If there is a hell, he’s going to it.

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Amanda Marcotte explains what’s behind Avatar depression. It made me want to go outside a run around, but then I remembered it was cooooold.

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Got anything else we should be talking about?


  1. Ian

    I don’t really care about how the Conan/Leno thing turns out as I don’t watch The Tonight Show, but it has made for some damn entertaining moments I’ve caught online. Conan, ratings or not, deserves to be mad and the internet is making him the hero. Leno comes out looking evil. Its great entertainment for all.

    When it comes to guys like Pat Robertson, and those who follow him, I often wonder what the world must look like through their eyes. Its not worth trying to reason with people like that, because they live in a different world.

    I’ve yet to see Avatar. I figure I will wait til its on Netflix, which I know is not how its intended to be seen. Whatever. My first date was to Titanic, which I hated/fell asleep through some of it/laughed when Jack died. I hear theres some cheesy feel goody message crap going on in Avatar which I’d rather not make a trip to the movies for.

    And haha @ UNC! Sucks there won’t be an opportunity for Clemson to try and end the streak in Chapel Hill this season. I really wonder how the heck UNC is still ranked so high. Yeah they lost some of those games to really good teams, but #12 with 4 losses (5 now, but rankings don’t update til Monday)? The only teams in the top 25 with 5 losses are UNC and Uconn.

    As for what else to talk about? How about the Google/China fiasco?

  2. Ian

    Even Kimmel has been great. Man, Leno just comes off as awful.

  3. Andrew

    At least now Conan might be able to apply his considerable funny to a style of show that doesn’t suck.