Watching the Democrats abandon health care reform makes me want to vote for Ralph Nader. I don’t care if he isn’t running, I’m going to write him in.


  1. Ian

    Cool story, bro.

  2. Chris

    Ha. Just like a spam comment, Ian.

  3. Ian

    Eh I’ve got the flu and I’m grouchy.

  4. Clint

    “I don’t care if he isn’t running, I’m going to write him in.”

    Maybe for the Senate in Connecticut?

  5. Ian

    Alright serious-ish post time: What good would writing in Nader do? Like what at all would that accomplish as opposed to say, not voting at all?

    And my comment wasn’t spammage, it was trolling.

  6. Clint

    Not voting at all has two arguable advantages that I can see.

    1) Conscience. A moral argument could be made by nonvoters who believe it wrong to vote for candidates who will likely pursue policies they abhor, viewing that as a type of consent.

    2) Legitimacy. Not voting is a way of saying that you don’t think the election is legitimate. (I think this only works if it’s done in huge numbers.)

    Voting for Nader is advantageous if enough people do it (even if he loses.) For instance, with just 5% of the vote his party would earn federal matching funds in the next election, thus hopefully contributing to the strength of a viable electoral contender outside of the Democrats/Republicans. 5% would also bring added visibility and legitimacy because it’s enough to threaten the closest ideological party – the Dems. Presumably, they’d be compelled to make concessions to Nader voters next time around, so as to absorb them.

    I think voting for Nader is more effective than not voting, as nonvoters are likely assumed not to vote for anyone no matter what, whereas Nader voters are at least participating and therefore could be persuaded to vote for someone else.

  7. Ian

    That only works if Nader is the candidate of a specific party. If he isn’t running, writing his name in won’t really accomplish much for a third party. Also, do they even really count write ins? I’m serious in questioning that. I wonder if they bother to count them unless there happens to be a threshold value of them.

  8. Clint

    I know in N.C. they count write-in votes – but they don’t count them for each candidate. So a vote for Nader would just add 1 to the “Write-In” total, but nothing else.

  9. Andrew

    I suppose you’d rather McCain were President, so we could be bombing Yemen and sending more troops to Afghanistan right now.