Roundup for Friday 2/12/10

Daniel Larison analyzes yesterday’s Iranian protests and concludes, “there is not much yesterday that happened in Iran that most people in the West should find encouraging.”

Ezra Klein thinks Obama could learn a few things from the Bush administration to help advance the Democratic agenda:

“In [Bush’s] first year in office, he was using recess appointments and running major legislation through the reconciliation process. That normalized those moves for the rest of his administration. Using those tools wasn’t a story. The Obama White House, by contrast, is holding those moves in reserve, which has allowed Republicans to paint them as extraordinary measures. But they’re not extraordinary measures. They’re basic elements of governance in an era of polarization and procedural obstructionism, and the White House should treat them that way.”

What obstructionism looks like: Future legislative battles predicted by past. Read the whole thing, it’s hilarious, true and sad all at the same time.

It’s snowing in the winter, so global warming must be a hoax:

Finally, something to ponder over the weekend (@Balloon Juice @The Poor Man Institute @Facebook):

Undead Venn Diagram


  1. Ian

    So, I guess we will be invading Iran then next time a Republican wins the Presidency?

  2. Chris

    Bombing at the very least…

  3. Ian

    Since its a round up day, what about this joke of a jobs bill? Certainly the other bill was laden with crappy special interest stuff, but this is stupid. They honestly think they will create new jobs by giving employers a short break on paying social security taxes on new hires (who have been unemployed for 60+ days). Yeah, that’s really going to make a dent in the unemployment rate.

  4. Chris

    Yeah. That sort of thing should definitely be part of a larger push. But as long as it helps, I suppose it’s worth it?

  5. Ian

    Perhaps, but it all depends on how quickly they can push a second jobs bill through. The tax relief is only for a year, how much of that will have passed before something better comes along? The hope is that this will push companies over the line where they will hire someone. I think that only works if you are a very large company. The savings for a single employee for a small business aren’t going to be significant enough. Also, $15 billion for this bill still seems ridiculous.

  6. Chris

    Ha. Second jobs bill!

    This bill is it. The Democrats have been effectively de-balled by the Republicans. We aren’t going to get anything like a second stimulus package.

    Yglesias thinks our best hope is the Fed. They can do quantitative easing without Senate obstruction. Unfortunately, the newly reconfirmed chairmen, Bernanke, has no interest in doing anything that might cause inflation.

  7. I wrote about a 2nd stim plan on my blog recently…..I think there will be another stim plan but it will be labeled otherwise and will have more in it to attract the Repubs…like more tax cuts, etc……it will contain more feel good proposals like the cash for clunkers…..

  8. Clint

    “$15 billion for this bill still seems ridiculous.”

    Why, just because that’s an insignificant fraction of the spending needed to provide relief to the legions of unemployed? Your standards are too high. Time to prepare for the new era of American austerity.

  9. Ian

    Clint, you make a good point, which was… what exactly?

  10. Clint

    You’re such a slut.

  11. Ian

    Meh. You win. I quit.

  12. Clint

    heh. Yay!