Iraqi election chicanery

Trouble is brewing in the 51st State over the recent elections. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is throwing winners of the latest election in jail rather than face the possibility of losing his post:

In a secret ruling made by the Iraqi Supreme Court the day before the [election] results were released, they determined that it is not the winner of the plurality in the elections, but the one with the most seats left at the time of the parliament’s sitting, that gets first crack at forming a government.

Already Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose State of Law bloc came in second at 89 seats, has ordered Sunni MPs from Iraqiya’s list detained. At least one is in custody, two others are in hiding and the whereabouts of the fourth is uncertain.

I tried doing something similar once in a game of Tropico, but rather than wait for the election, I arrested my opposition before the vote could take place. Unfortunately – or predictably – my people grew angry and quickly ousted me from power. The Iraqi people may not be able to oust al-Maliki, but the supporters of the election winners in jail will certainly be pissed.