Arab dude detained after attempted secondhand smoke attack.

Federal air marshals confronted a passenger who had apparently lighted a cigarette in an airline lavatory on Wednesday night, leading Norad to scramble two fighter jets and a phalanx of law enforcement officials to meet the plane, United Flight 663, when it landed at Denver International Airport.

[…] Initial reports said the passenger might have been trying to set something on fire. But several law enforcement officials said no explosive had been found on the plane. Still, the man was being questioned by the F.B.I., as were fellow passengers. A Department of Homeland Security official, speaking on background, said it appeared the man had been smoking a cigarette in the bathroom, had tried to cover it up, and then had made an “unfortunate comment.”

NBC News reported that a half-hour before landing, the air marshal smelled smoke and confronted the man as he emerged from a bathroom. The man claimed he had been trying to set his shoes on fire, the report said.

Overreaction much?


  1. Clint

    Apparently it was Mohammed al-Madadi — a Qatari diplomat and a fool. Smoking a cigarette on board and then making a terrorism joke seems like a perfect method for causing a mini-panic.

  2. Ian

    Overreaction yes. Dude was a complete moron though.

  3. A moron yes…but he faces no blow back….he has diplomatic immunity