Obama maybe finally gonna be liberal?

It’s taken over a year, but President Obama may finally understand the essential truth of the current Republican party. Republicans will reflexively oppose anything he does, so there is little point in courting their support:

President Obama thinks Republicans will engage in a full battle over his Supreme Court nominee regardless of the person’s ideological leanings, and in some ways “that realization is liberating for the president” to choose whomever he pleases, an administration official told TPMDC. […] the administration isn’t limiting itself to reviewing only centrist candidates for the court vacancy, the official said.

Hopefully this isn’t just sweet talk to liberals from the Obama administration. We desperately need the Democrats to push this country to left as a bulwark against the possibility the current crop of Republican crazies will take control of Washington and turn us right off a cliff.

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  1. Ian

    He should have been choosing who he pleases anyways. That’s one part of what he was elected to do. I can understand courting the Republicans on the health care bill if they had been willing to play ball and work together. Supreme Court nominees don’t really need to be bipartisan decisions, as long as he doesn’t pick someone who is outright awful (like Harriet Miers).