Roundup for Thursday 4/29/10

Obama, bring back Arrested Development

Yo Arizona, get bent. P.S. boycott Arizona until they change their crappy law against being brown.

I’m pretty sure this won’t happen to those off-shore wind farms.

Speaking of which, the opponents of off-shore wind farms are being incredibly selfish.

Super rich folks need to stop asking the rest of us to sacrifice because of their mistakes. How about they pay more in taxes?

The so-called journalists that report on the Obama administration are afraid to criticize it openly. So much for objectivity.

Powerpoint is so bad it’s even screwing up our military.

Doesn’t John Cole know that torture is something other people do? Not Americans.

AT&T needs to stop sucking so bad. Seriously. P.S. your commercials aren’t convincing anyone that you’re better than Verizon.

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson should recuse himself from voting on financial reform given his enormous conflict of interest. Nebraskans should also kick his ass to the curb in the next election.

The “Impossible Project” to recreate Polaroid instant film a bust?

Best political gaffe ever, caught on video:


  1. Ian

    Obama SHOULD bring back Arrested Development. Now that I think about it though, the last season it was starting to get a little out of hand. Also, David Cross and Michael Cera have both gotten to be insufferable since then. Eh, I would still watch it.

    And F’ Arizona.

  2. Ian

    Oh, and also, is there a site which details how exactly to go about boycotting Arizona? I’m not traveling there any time soon, and I’m not a Diamondbacks fan or anything. Are there certain products/services we should avoid?

  3. Chris

    Yeah… I agree that Arrested Development got more and more ridiculous, maybe it was best that it ended.

    As for boycotting Arizona, I’m not exactly sure what products or things to avoid. I did some searching around and wasn’t able to find much. All I know is that AriZona Tea is made in NY or NJ so don’t bother boycotting it. If you find a good resource let me know and I’ll put up a post about it.

  4. Ian

    Here we go:

    Notables include:

    All Arizona sports teams
    Best Western
    Cold Stone Creamery
    Fender Guitars
    PF Changs (sucks anyways…)
    Ramada Hotels
    Sky Mall
    US Airways

  5. Chris

    Thanks Ian,
    I’ve put it in the twitter feed until I can get a post up about it. Also want to give Clint’s post some breathing room.

  6. Ian

    The Arizona Governor has written an article for

    Here’s a highlight I found laughable:

    “In Arizona, both proponents and opponents of Senate Bill 1070 have stated that economic boycotts are an inappropriate and misguided response to an issue that is clearly worthy of proper public debate and discourse. Put simply, history shows that boycotts backfire and harm innocent people. Boycotts are just more politics and manipulation by out-of-state interests.”

    First: Boycotts backfire? This is obviously not the case. Gov. Brewer is getting the message that those calling for a backfire are sending. Its working, and people should keep it up.

    Second: The part about out-of-state interests affecting Arizona is stupid. Making a law that targets illegal immigrants in Arizona, but not in neighboring states, will lead to an exodus of the illegals out of Arizona into other states. It is certainly in the interest of other states to care about AZ’s law.

    Third: The part about hurting innocent people. Gov. Brewer had the opportunity to stop this law in its tracks with a veto and did not. There were protests before she signed the law. She knew this was coming. It was a natural consequence of her actions and it is no one’s fault but her own. You want the Federal government to do something AZ? Elect representatives who will actually fight for what you want. Here’s a hint! Stop electing incumbents like McCain who clearly can’t get the job you want done.