Times Square Bomb Scare: The Wrong Lessons

The Pakistani Taliban has taken credit for the failed plot to bomb Times Square. Aside from the question of whether or not their claim is true, folks in the media seem to be missing the big point.

The Pakistani Taliban’s main beef is with the government of Pakistan. They are primarily fighting a regional war. They weren’t on a crusade to destroy America or the West or anything like that. They want to establish/re-establish their odious and oppressive ‘Islamic’ government in their neighborhood.

So why then would they want to strike America, or take credit for an attack on America?

Because we are bombing the sh*t out of Pakistan!

When you wage war in an area for nearly a decade you’re likely to kill a lot of people. Those left alive are going to be pissed their friends and family are dead. And they are going to want revenge.

It’s really simple.

So rather than escalate the war in Aghanistan/Pakistan and put more ridiculous security measures in place over here, why don’t we try winding down our war machine? How about we apologize for all the folks we’ve killed. How about we let the Pakistanis and Afghanis fight their own battles and forget all about us?