No racism in America

Here’s the rightwing response to an Arab-American being crowned Miss USA (not to be confused with Miss America):

Memeorandum stories about the new Arab-American Miss USA

Click the picture for a bigger version if you have trouble reading the text. The original page can be found here.

Update: Those disgusting rightwingers think this woman does not deserve to win a beauty contest:

Miss USA Rima Fakih


  1. Daimao

    It’s certainly not much of an unexpected response from the right, however I think the situation with Miss Oklahoma is partly fueling the reactions. Her answer to the Arizona question, while not perfect, didn’t exactly come across as bigoted or unreasonable to me, and yet it seems to have cost her the crown. Though the circumstances may differ, after the Prejean mess from last year I would be concerned as well.

  2. Ian

    Why do contests like Miss USA still exist? I thought it got terrible ratings, not to mention the obvious objectification of women.