War in Korea? The Real Effects

Since North Korea sunk a South Korean ship, the two countries have been edging closer and closer to war. If there is a war it would likely take a massive toll on the populations of both countries.

But screw that… the media knows what’s really important. How will this war affect my pocket book?

NY Times headline: Concerns Over North Korea Shake Markets

Damn. Looks like this war is a major loser for my portfolio.

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea and think this is one story of many about the Korean War, this where the Times ranked their market story on both their US and International homepages:

NY Times US frontpage

NY Times International Frontpage

To be fair, it’s not just the NY Times that’s are pushing this oddly prioritized story. Here’s a similar story from MSNBC, and The Guardian. Other sites I checked like FOX News, ABC News, and CNN barely mentioned Korea at all.


  1. Ian

    I feel like the idea that we have a treaty which says we will fight for S. Korea if they go to war should be a little scarier than more economic woes.

  2. Clint

    Great post. I was thinking the same thing when I scanned the news sites this morning.

  3. Chris

    Agreed. Also, the market was already tumbling anyways supposedly from European debt woes and banking reform. So the markets faltering a bit more isn’t some big *new* story.