Shouldn’t there be a Surgeon General’s Warning?

Men’s Health has declared the 24oz Cold Stone PB&C the worst drink in America:

Cold Stone PB&C

What makes it so bad? The same number of cookies pictured above give you a similar sugar hit of 153 grams. It also amazingly has 131 grams of fat. 131! Men’s Health says that’s the same amount you’d get from 68 strips of bacon.

It’s truly an incredible and disgusting accomplishment for the fast food industry and America.

You can read about 19 other diabetes inducing drink contenders at Men’s Health.

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  1. Ian

    Yeah. I basically decided in high school that I could have a 20 oz soda or a diet soda and a pack of Skittles and come out about equal. That prompted my switch to diet sodas, as well as my complete aversion to sugar sweetened beverages. I know diet isn’t exactly “healthy”, but if I am going to have a soda, Coke Zero is right on for me.