Your tax dollars at work in Israel

PHOTO: We Support Israel ribbon

This weekend Israel attacked Turkish ships in international waters that were on their way to delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinians trapped in the Gaza strip. At least nine civilians aboard the transport ships were killed, many more were wounded.

Israel has been blockading Gaza since Hamas won the 2006 elections in the occupied territory. Israel’s blockade is literally an attempt to starve the population of Gaza, a brazen and illegal act of collective punishment for voting the wrong way. Here’s what we know about the conditions in Gaza (check the link for sources):

  • since the intensification of the siege in June 2007, “the formal economy in Gaza has collapsed”.
  • “61% of people in the Gaza Strip are … food insecure”, of which “65% are children under 18 years”.
  • since June 2007, “the number of Palestine refugees unable to access food and lacking the means to purchase even the most basic items, such as soap, school stationery and safe drinking water, has tripled”.
  • “in February 2009, the level of anemia in babies (9-12 months) was as high as 65.5%”
  • “water resources in the Gaza Strip are critically insufficient”
  • “the blockade has been a major obstacle to repairing the damage done by Israeli air attacks and destruction. Nearly none of the 3,425 homes destroyed during Cast Lead have been reconstructed, displacing around 20,000 people. Only 17.5% of the value of the damages to educational facilities has been repaired … [T]he infrastructure which remains unrepaired is often that which is most essential to the basic needs and well-being of the Gaza population.”

It’s important to remember that Israel is the beneficiary of a significant amount of American military and economic aid. In effect we have been financing the Gaza blockade and slaughters like the one that took place this weekend. We also stand virtually alone in the world by not condemning the attacks. Officially our government has condemned the Turks for daring to send supplies to Gaza saying “Direct delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible, and certainly not effective, under the circumstances.”

It’s time to stop excusing and paying for Israel’s mistakes. We can’t afford it in terms of money or in terms of blowback.

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  1. Ian

    Who cares? Haven’t you seen today’s top story? Al and Tipper are separating!

  2. Chris

    I suppose this means that global warming is a hoax.

  3. Ian

    Gore just wants to get gay married with Obama.

  4. Chris

    In a traditional Marxist wedding ceremony?

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    Gore wants Obama’s healthcare coverage.

  6. Sorry to break up the Gore Family Hour….LOL

    This will be a PR nightmare for Israel….it should produce more sympathy for the Pals than the 1st Intifada did…you know kids with rocks against soldiers with guns and tanks….