Roundup for Friday 6/4/10

It now seems likely that the Israelis shot at the passengers on the Turkish boat before dropping their commandos onto the deck. At least they kept Hamas from getting their hands on dangerous… medical supplies?

Also, in their attack the Israelis killed an American citizen. But don’t worry , that won’t stop American politicians from kissing Israel’s ass.

Here’s a good chart from The Economist showing the blockade is an illegal and immoral method for punishing the people of Gaza and about keeping weapons out of the hands of Hamas. Unless you consider dried fruit dangerous:

Gaza blockade chart

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and say BP’s new oil leak cap isn’t working as well as they’d hope.

Enjoy the water oil this summer at the beach.

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Surprise, the economy still sucks.

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Things you should never say in public. Especially if you’re a politician.

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The Major League Baseball head honcho won’t reverse an admittedly bad call and give Armando Galarraga the perfect game that is rightfully his. Maybe the MLB will eventually reverse the call, but they’re trying to milk this story for as much publicity as possible?


  1. Ian

    The American citizen killed was not a pretty white girl. No one cares.

    Also, MLB sucks. I gave it up when A-Rod, who I admittedly never liked, admitted using steroids. I felt like the whole game was full of cheaters and MLB willfully looked the other way because it helped generate revenue for them. They refuse to use instant replay in important situations, instead opting to maintain as much tradition as possible. Yeah, tradition my ass. They let the most hallowed record in the sport, a sport which is all about individual records, go to juiced up Barry Bonds. Its not surprising that Selig won’t overturn the bad call.

  2. Sheepy

    I don’t understand, Palestinians can’t have chickens but they can have the cartons used to carry chickens? And feed for animals but no animals? Is this bureaucracy at its finest of just plan dumb?

  3. Chris

    I read somewhere that the goal is partially to keep the Palestinians dependent on Israeli goods and services rather than self-sufficient or possibly be in position to compete with Israeli exports.

  4. Chris

    I can forgive Baseball for not trying to wipe away two decades worth of juiced up stats. They encouraged steroid use, and then ignored it for too long to make a clean break possible. Imagine the MLB telling their fans that every game in the 1990s didn’t count. It just wouldn’t work.

  5. Ian


    That isn’t necessarily what I am asking for or expect. The problem right now is that most of the major stars in MLB today are former steroid users. You have an entire era tainted by steroids. You will always look back on any great player from this era and wonder if they were juiced. That sucks. Selig oversaw this, and he willfully looked the other way. He is just running the league into the ground with stupid notions of “tradition” which he crapped all over. He hasn’t fixed any of the glaring problems with the league without a congressional inquiry. He didn’t even fix the steroid policy. It is too lenient. Stern isn’t exactly the best commissioner either and the NBA is rife with problems, but the NBA is consistently more entertaining. That’s cause Stern is willing to innovate and keep the NBA evolving. Until MLB changes leadership and works to bring the sport into this century, I’m out.

    One of my favorite jokes from Futurama involves the characters being at a baseball game:

    Leela: Face it, Fry. Baseball was as boring as Mom and apple pie. That’s why they jazzed it up.

    Fry: Boring!? Baseball wasn’t — hmmm, so they finally jazzed it up.

  6. Ian

    Here, this article is exactly what I am talking about:

    Selig basically says no to replay, reasoning that “Most baseball people are really against instant replay.” He then goes on to basically say that whining about umps is nothing new, and has been going on for 130 years (the whole tradition thing). He essentially neglects the wishes of the fans, who are his customers.

  7. Chris

    Selig is learning well from our politicians. Just say public opinion is on your side even if it’s not. No one will bother fact checking you anyways. That would be showing bias or something.